Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What IS Working and What Is NEEDED?

With 90% of the workforce still employed, take a look at the parts of the economy that ARE working. We have electricity flowing to our homes, waste and sewage are removed, water is available, the grocery stores have shelves filled with food, gasoline is there when we need it, the communication grid still allows me to use the internet/phone/tv cable, UPS trucks still are dropping off packages, pharmaceuticals are there if we have the money for their purchase, the courts/lawyers seem to be available and functioning, cash still comes out of our ATMs for those that have cash or credit, doctors/dentists/optometrists and hospitals still seem to be in business, schools are open but are getting more overcrowded though getting by with fewer supplies and support, planes still streak across the sky, and the freeways and roadways are still bumper to bumper at commute time. What does this tell us about what is necessary in the economy? To what extent are these components in danger? How can we insure the continued availability of these structures to support our society. If not the focus of those who are setting policy, what is THEIR FOCUS? As people become unemployed, to what jobs in the economy are they to be re-directed? How do we open up the job market to the employable? How do we provide living wages for those who will work? How do provide for the potential improvement of jobs for the ‘under-employed’? Are we each individually going to have to move-over a bit to make room and maybe SHARE part of our employment job market?

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